Monday, November 8, 2010

Grandparents - part I

It's that time of year when our apartment is overrun by senior citizens bearing gifts. It's Roan's birthday.

My parents came first. After packing all of Roan's presents, they actually didn't have any room in their luggage for stuff like clothes, which is why my father is wearing his MACS' sweatshirt in every single photo.

At The Top of the Rock, Roan gazes longingly at the Lego truck he can't open, my mother gazes southwest, out across the city, in the general direction of all the clothes she left behind.

Eric McClure: the only man in New York City wearing shorts.

Bike ride in Prospect Park

That yellow speck on the horizon is my son's helmet. He broke away and rode for freedom. Team MACS' never had a chance.

Eventually we caught up. We threw some leaves.

My parents commune with nature. Look closely and you will note that underneath her kangaroo sweatshirt, my mother is also wearing a MACS' sweatshirt.

Roan and Mia, at Mia and Taj's Halloween birthday party. In the background, my father, and the ubiquitous MACS' sweatshirt.

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