Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommy, Go Away!

A few years back, before I became a mom, I sold Korean rights to a picture book called Mommy, Go Away! Every year, the book sells about 15,000 copies. In South Korea. Here in the states it's out of print.

I remember thinking: what is it with those Korean moms? Couldn't they just leave their kids alone? Such impressive sales of Mommy, Go Away! suggested they couldn't.

Now Roan is 2 and a half. His favorite thing is to shout, "Mommy, go away!"

I've tried everything. I've explained the impossibility of leaving him home alone. I've scolded him. I've actually gone away. I've ignored him. I've calmly told him, over and over, that I will not go away. I've started reciting The Cat in the Hat. Nothing works. He loves to say it. His friends all say it to each other and make each other cry.

One day I tried something new. Every time he told me to go away, which was approximately once every 2 minutes, I explained to him that it hurt my feelings and made me feel sad. I made a sad face. I told him to be more polite.

He thought this over. Then he yelled, "Mommy please go away!"

I really wish I read Korean.

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