Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Busy Month

So much happened in April. I went back to work. Grandma and Grandpa Lyons came for Passover. Aunty Lisha came from Spring Break. Jay went to the London Book Fair, and Grandpa Mac came while he was gone. One of my authors came and won an Edgar Award, which necessitated much partying. We've had a constantly full house.

I love having house guests. It energizes me, the extra people to talk to, and changing up our routine. But by the end of this month, when the last person wheeled out their bags and hung up our spare keys, I was ready for a break. Even so, I have an author flying in this week for a talk show appearance, and couldn't stop myself from offering our spare room. It's like a compulsion.

Some photos I managed to take...

Grandpa Lyons and Ilan during Passover

Grandpa Mac and Roan roast marshmellows for matzoh s'mores

Aunty Lisha and the boys

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