Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Catching Up

Lots of things happened this fall that I never got around to mentioning on this blog.  Here's a quick overview:

Roan turned 5. He had a party at Buzz-a-Rama, where he raced slot cars.

We went to San Antonio for Thanksgivakah.

We celebrated Hannukah. My father-in-law gave me this bicycle hanukiah years ago and I LOVE IT.

Ilan turned 2. We didn't have a party, and Ilan didn't get any presents from us, because I ended up using his birthday present for Hannukah, because really, 8 nights of presents just takes more organization and planning than I can currently handle. Lest you feel bad for him - don't. His grandparents mailed him gifts, which Roan helped him open.

I'm a little bit terrified for next year, when both my boys will be aware of Hannukah, and will expect a gift each night. This year I was bailed out by a pretty clueless Ilan, my wonderful inlaws and a very early Hannukah (it started the night before Thanksgiving), so I didn't even have to provide the first 3 days of gifts. I'd like to be one of those families that starts a tradition of doing charity work on one night, or donating to charity, or participating in some unique family activity, or doing *something* that's not so present oriented, but in all honesty, that seems like a lot more work than just buying my kids an extra book or two.

As I'm fond of saying, all this is a problem for Future Cameron.  She'll surely be able to handle it.

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