Monday, March 2, 2009


Last weekend we took Roan on his first plane ride to San Antonio, for a Lyons family reunion. He met his cousins Cassie and Julia for the first time, and they hit the swings (Auntie Leesha pushed)...

Then he swung with me:

Other activities included feeding the fish in the coy pond, a sweaty and demoralizing walk in the stroller (demoralizing because my mother-in-law kicked my ass, and Robot didn't even come close to falling asleep), lots of playing on the floor, watching Cassie climb trees, putting his feet in the pool, and his first taste of rice cereal.  More photos to come.

On the plane, Jay and I had our hands full keeping the Robot happy and staving off an over friendly passenger named Gill, who repeatedly offered to take Roan and do some magical baby calming technique that he refused to explain.  Here's a tip Gill: if you want anyone to let you hold their baby, don't make such a state secret out of what you plan to do once you get your hands on the baby, and don't wink so damn much.  Also: it's fairly normal and expected for me to sing to my baby, but it's kind of creepy when you do it from across the aisle.  Astoundingly, Gill was also on the return flight.  That's 8 hours of Gill.  When he saw us the second time he made some stalker joke that was way too close to home to be funny.  

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