Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prospect Park

We are within walking distance of one of the best parks in New York City: Prospect Park. It is said that Olmstead (the designer) corrected all the mistakes he made with Central Park when he designed Prospect Park. At least people in Brooklyn say this. (I remember reading it in Devil in the White City).

Roan isn't as enthused about the park as I am. He likes the ducks and all the trees, but seems just as happy at Slope Park, the local cement park that has swings and sprinklers. In fact, he seems bent on deforesting Prospect Park, one patch of grass at a time.

And eating it. Maybe he loves Prospect Park so much that he wants to eat it all up.

Thanks to Grandpa Lyons for the first two photos, and Vassi for this last one - all taken with camera phones.

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