Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Self Esteem

Imagine you were this pleased with yourself every time you stood up. You would be a much happier person, and everyone would want to be around you and grab your chunky legs and feed you and nearly everything you did would result in applause.

With this kind of encouragement, you would pull yourself up on anything and everything. Including your Grandma's feet.

I remember being a kid and thinking it was so fabulous that wherever I went, I would never forget my hands. They were always there when I needed them! It also made me happy that I never forgot my singing voice. I could always sing - no matter where I was! I loved my body. It was always with me and I knew how to make it do really cool things. Do you remember feeling this way? It's wonderful to realize your body is so full of possibility, and so completely under your control. I imagine Ro felt like this when he first started crawling, and now, when he pulls himself up.

Every morning I pull myself out of bed 3 hours earlier than I want to. I won't be modest: it's a herculean effort, requiring no less strength and stamina and determination than Ro deploys to pull himself up to standing. So where is my applause?

I would ask Jay to clap for me, but he won't take me seriously, and Roan doesn't know how to clap yet. So tomorrow, I will applaud myself. Because it took me a long time to develop the strength and coordination to pull myself out of bed (to say nothing of the willpower). And because every once and a while, it's good to acknowledge all the very basic things we take for granted.

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