Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday Train Day - The Library

Last Tuesday we took the train to the library. There is actually a library within walking distance, but I wanted to check out the Brooklyn Central Library, which is really big and landmarked. To get there we had to take two trains - the R to the 2/3. I knew you would be excited about changing trains.

Tuesday Train Day is not for the faint of heart, and this week was no different. It was snowing when we left home, big fat quiet flakes. The transfer at Atlantic St. Station involved a lot of stairs and you walked up and down them all. Going up one set, we were passed by an old man with a cane who stopped to tell you how strong you are. We got off at Grand Army Plaza and walked around the traffic circle, then up the stairs to the library.

Right inside the library there were two narrow escalators, and that was all you wanted to do. By that point I had had enough of stairs, in any form. I dragged you into the children's section where you picked out an Elmo book on opposites and demanded a bagel. We went to the cafe and shared an everything bagel with orange juice. Again, I had to drag you past the escalators and back to the children's section, where you kept trying to escape. So much for fostering a love of literature.

We couldn't stay long. You had a doctor's appointment. You were happy to break out of the library and get back on the train. We walked to the Eastern Parkway Station, past the Brooklyn Botantic Gardens, where all the plants were blanketed in fresh snow. We hopped a 2 until Atlantic, where I put you in the ergo and rushed down 4th Ave, trying to make it to your appointment on time.

A word about Doctor's Appointments: this is a Daddy thing. When you have a cough, it makes Daddy feel better to have a doctor look in your mouth and your ears and listen to you breathe and make sure everything is okay. You and me, not so much. It takes forever, costs $15, and makes you scream. This time it wasn't too bad - Thomas and Friends was on TV, which reinforced our train theme. I read you a really good Dr. Seuss story that I've never read before, about Sneetches.

Afterwards we walked down to Union Street and caught the R train home. I started taking photos of you on the train, and got so carried away that we missed our stop. We had to get off at 36th Street, climb up and down more stairs, and catch what would be our 5th and last train of the day. You stood on the platform and pointed out all the trains that were not our train. There were a lot of "not our trains" before our train came.

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