Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday Bonfire

For Roan's 3rd birthday we had a bonfire in our backyard. I have no love for baking, and roasting marshmellows for s'mores seemed like the best way to get our guests to make their own dessert. I gave everyone fair warning, stating in the invitations that there would be an open flame and we'd be giving beer to the parents and sharp sticks to the kids. Incredibly, everyone still came.

Here's the scene: We strung lights and fired up the pit, and on the far left you can make out Grandpa Lyons, hunched over the s'more ingredients. He was extremely protective of the chocolate, as one pregnant mother complained, and would not allow for extra portions, even for those who were "eating for two." He neatly laid out the graham crackers under the chocolate squares, so when kids approached with their skewered marshmellows burned to a blackened crisp, he quickly assembled their s'mores, confiscated their sharp sticks, and sent them on their way.

Birthday guests sitting around the fire, in various stages of s'more preparation and consumption, or just keeping warm.

Here is Roan roasting a marshmellow. He consumed at least three s'mores that evening - possibly more. In the background you can see Grandma Lyons eating a s'more - her first ever! I only learned this later, and had I known, I would have given her an expertly browned marshmellow, and not one that Grandpa Lyons burned to a crisp for her.

Eventually the kids lost interest in the fire and the s'mores, and started chasing each other around the yard. This is generally what kids do after they eat.

And this is what adults do.

The party was a blast, but hosting so many people is hard on everyone, even Roan. For the first 20 minutes he sat on his Daddy's lap, clutching Gordon and his coal car tight in his fist, miserably watching his friends play with his trains. He got over it, and cheered up considerably when everyone trooped upstairs to eat pizza. By the time Jay lit the fire he was ecstatic.

Since the party we have been slowly opening gifts, one each day or so, so Roan has a chance to play with and appreciate each new thing. Thanks to all our family and friends who made Roan's 3rd birthday feel so special!

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