Sunday, November 20, 2011


Dear Fred,

Many people have asked, "are you really naming the baby Fred?" And the answer is no, we are not. Fred is your in utero name, just like Squid was your brother's in utero name. We have to call you something while you're in there.

But we are having a very hard time naming you.

Recently Daddy and I went out to dinner, and between the jokes of "Orion Lyons" and "Harry Lyons" I think we may have finally found your name.

We aren't telling anyone what it is. Naming you feels like a delicate operation, and if anyone poo-pooed the name it might send us into a fit of self doubt.

It's happened before.

Here are all the names we thought, at one point, we would name you, but have been rejected:

Phineas (Finn)

Maybe when you are older you will read this, and feel that a great name was almost yours, just slipped through your fingers. Or maybe you will feel that you dodged a chamber full of bullets, that all these names are horrid. Hopefully you will feel that your name suits you, fits comfortably. At various times, I was supposed to be named Kyle or Tamara. These names seem absurd to me. How could my parents have considered anything other than Cameron?

Fred, we are getting very excited to meet you, and give you your real name.

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