Saturday, September 7, 2013

Roan at the Beach

This year in Plum Island Roan invented something called The Crawly Race, which, when he said it sounded like, The Trolley Race.  It started when we were swimming in really shallow water, and Roan and I would army crawl through the water and race each other.  

Then we tried catching waves in our crawly positions. And then it just became a really silly version of body surfing.

The other thing Roan liked to do was drag his boogie board around.  He caught some waves on it, which was hugely exciting, but dragging it around seemed to be the more popular activity.

Roan also spent a lot of time building sand castles, digging holes, and making roads for his trucks to go on.  We also dug a lot of holes at the water's edge, when the tide was coming up.  (This year I bought a tidal app on my phone and was obsessed with knowing where the tide was - it fluctuated over 10 feet, since we were there during a full moon!)  We would dig a hole and then half an hour later the water would start rushing in.

These were all of Roan's favorite things to do at the beach in Plum Island.

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