Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cow Conspiracy

Once your baby is 1 year old they start drinking whole milk. I don't get this. Cow's milk is the most common allergen among babies, hard to digest, and interferes with iron absorption. So how did it become the staple of most toddlers' diets?

This isn't just an academic question. Roan has some kind of dairy intolerance, and maybe it will go away once he hits the 12 month mark, but maybe it won't. So what are our options? Soy milk doesn't seem like a good idea, and I'd rather not continue breastfeeding. Hypoallergenic formula is pricey. Hemp milk?

I put the question to Beno last night, because she speaks with authority on all topics.

Beno: I don't believe in milk.

Me: Um. What does that mean?

Beno: People weren't meant to eat so many milk products. It shouldn't be such a big part of our diet.

Me: Yeah, you're right. How did milk even get it's own spot on the food pyramid? What a coup for the Dairy Industry. And now they've got everyone feeding all the babies whole milk? That's bullshit. So many people have issues digesting it. There's got to be something better. Some amazing alternative that the Dairy Industry doesn't want us to know about.

I'm getting worked up. I love a good conspiracy. I see them everywhere.

Beno looks mildly worked up too. She's nodding her head, encouraging me. She's always been supportive of my conspiracy theories.

Beno: I love cheese as much as the next guy, but... I mean, actually I probably love cheese a lot more than the next guy.... (pause) know how much I love cheese. Remember how much cheese we used to eat?

We both take a moment to reflect on cheese binges of the past. And just like that, the fires of our Dairy Revolution are smothered by so many fond memories of cheese.

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