Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roan at the Beach

Last Monday we took Roan to the beach for the very first time. He loved it. The sand, the wind, the birds, the noise from the surf, and especially the ocean. He stared and stared at the waves.

You'll notice that none of these photos have the ocean in the background; that's because every time we positioned Roan with his back to the water he turned right around and crawled like mad straight for it. If you have never seen a baby crawl through sand at full speed in a button down shirt with the ocean rolling up to meet him, well, maybe you thought your life was already full to brimming with wonder and love, but a sight like that? Makes you realize there is always room for more.

Photos courtesy of Dina Love


  1. you've got a super model baby there. seth has the same problem. he's always conducting a frenzied search for cigarette butts. it's a god thing i love the smell of cigarette smoke because he's looking like he'll end up a chain smoker. . .

  2. Oh no! It's probably best not to think about what your baby might dig up as he rakes his fingers through the sand... or where those dogs have peed... or whether that's a sticky water balloon or a, um, oh no, dear god, PLEASE LET THAT BE A WATER BALLOON!

    On the bright side, Seth could *totally* be the next Marlboro Man.