Friday, June 19, 2009

First Tooth

After months of heavy drooling, Roan's first tooth finally broke through on Tuesday. I've spent the last three days trying to capture it on camera, but I've now given up. The tooth is so small, and there are too many obstacles in his mouth: his lip, his tongue, my finger, his fingers, random toys.

I like to feel the tooth a couple times a day - it feels thin and craggy and so delicate I worry he'll break it when he chomps down on all the hard household items he considers toys: the rockers on our rocking chair, metal drawer handles, his stroller.

Thank god Willa was there when it broke through - she's got something like 8 teeth and tons of experience. In fact, I think she sensed the new tooth as soon as it surfaced. Earlier that day she kept offering Roan her food, stuff like chick peas and lettuce and chicken cubes - all totally inappropriate for the toothless. I thought she was just flirting, but now I see she was trying to tell us about the tooth. She was forshadowing the foods he will chew with it.

Willa tells everyone to remain calm while Roan adjusts to the tooth

Willa phones the dentist to discuss proper dental care of the tooth.

She is so organized.

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