Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Graduate

On Monday Roan graduated from Chai Tots. It was a much bigger deal than I'd thought it'd be. All the parents were there, seated in folding chairs out in the yard. There was a make shift stage and a woman seated behind a keyboard. Someone gave us a program. The director gave a speech. A rabbi gave a Torah Thought. I was publicly thanked for being Class Mom. When the music started up and the teachers began herding our children on to the stage I realized, right on time, that this was kind of a big deal, and I started crying.

Then all hell broke lose on stage and I regained my composure. Because it's kind of hard to have a my-son-is-growing-up-so-fast moment when half the kids up there are crying for their parents, Oliver's shouting random dinosaur facts into the mic, and Roan is looking completely confused, trying to figure out how he ended up with a big plastic flower around his neck. Even the pianist dropped a few notes in all the chaos.

The kids sang a few songs, and were returned to us to watch the two older classes go through their ceremonies. Then we headed back inside for crafts and snacks. In the toddler room, there was a slideshow playing of all the kids with their baby pictures. Below each current photo, there was a little quote about the child. Stuff like, "always lends a helping hand," and "your smile brightens our day." Roan's read: "your determination is a lesson to us all."

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