Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad Day

Yesterday was Jay's day with the Boo.  It was sunny and 58.  Today is my day.  It's going to rain.

We wake up to find the giant blow-up rat outside our window.  As most people know, the rat is used by unions to signal a labor dispute.  It is not used by the health department to mark a rat infested building.  But who's this blow-up pig with a cigar and pork pie hat?  Anyone seen him around before?

Then Robot tears my glasses off my face and eats them.

At nap time, he falls asleep face down, so I spend the entire time worried about SIDS.

There is nothing good in the fridge, so I decide to cook the Robot for lunch.

Roan can only be so patient with me.  Eventually he gives me this look, and the look says:

"Get ahold of yourself, or this will end with you taking photos of me in a watering can with a flower on my head."

Right.  I take charge and get us both out of our pajamas, because it is noon.  I put Roan on the floor to play.  He gives me a dirty look.

When does adolescence start?

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