Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hard To Get

When Roan and Willa play, they don't play together. Apart from Willa intermittedly swooping in to hoard Roan's toys, they play happily and separately, as if they are alone. It's not easy to get them in the same photo together.

They have totally different agendas.  While Roan auditions for the baby version of Breakin',
Willa ferociously eats a saw.
This playdate is a lot different than Roan's playdate with Mia. The difference is that Willa can crawl.  It doesn't bode well that when the lady babies are capable of movement, they move away from Roan.  Perhaps she is playing hard-to-get?  But I doubt it: it's near impossible to play hard-to-get with a baby who can only move backwards.

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