Tuesday, April 28, 2009


On Sunday night I gave Roan his first solid food: mashed banana with breastmilk.

Though he was excited about putting the spoon in his mouth, he seemed ambivalent about the actual food, and I didn't think he swallowed anything until the next morning, when I found banana in his diaper.
On Monday night Jay fed Roan another banana.

Jay had much better stats than me - a higher percentage of banana ended up in Roan's mouth - and in the morning, we got 2 diapers full of banana.
Seriously, it looked like somebody mashed a fresh banana into our son's diaper.  It even smelled like banana.  How is that possible?
Tonight we offered Roan yet another banana.  He was like, "this, again?"  You can see that his initial enthusiasm for bananas has dimmed.
Tomorrow night we will try something new.

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