Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Weekend Ever

So much of being a new mom is waiting.  When will my boobs stop hurting and when can we go outside?  When will Roan sleep through the night and when will his reflux go away and when can I take him on my bike in one of those mounted bike seats?  When will he take a nap and when can I send him to the Deli to fetch me some chocolate?  So to have an entire day when you're not waiting for anything - that's magical.

The first warm weekend in New York is also magical.  Everyone is outside and smiling. On Friday I took Roan on a walk along the Hudson. We were out for nearly 5 hours. Roan saw the river for the first time, rolled in the grass, and tried to eat a real flower. He and Willa played tug-a-war with their toys.  Being a mom was so easy. The hours flew by. We didn't want to go home.

And on Saturday Grandma Lyons and Aunt Alisha (Auntie Leesha) came to visit:

When faced with a key ring specifically designed to attract babies, and a menu...
Getting to know Auntie Leesha
Making a grab for the camera
The table is even  better than the menu

On Saturday night Jay and I got a room and had our first night alone. We'd been looking forward to it for weeks.  In anticipation, Jay wrote up 4 pages of Roan Notes, including his  bedtime routine, favorite books, favorite games, and general Likes and Dislikes. Naturally, the Robot slept like a champ for his Grandma and Aunt, and only woke up once all night.  At the hotel, Jay and I woke up three or four times, out of habit.  Around 8AM, we had had enough of the peace and quiet, and went back to our tiny apartment full of toys and chaos and the occasional whiff of dirty diapers.  We were only two blocks away, but the walk back seemed long.  We couldn't wait to get home.

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  1. Only 4 pages for the Roan Notes?! Impressive! Andrew should publish the Julia Handbook, it's so long! Roan must be much less labor-intensive than Julia. Maybe being a girl has something to do with it... :)