Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Suck it, Pottery Barn

I can never bring myself to spend $25 - $50 0n a box. Not when Roan and I can make our own. And then we don't have to recycle our cardboard boxes in accordance with Brooklyn's draconian recycling rules.

I am particularly pleased with the Winter Coat Box. Because we are actually too lazy to hang our coats in the closet. We will just have to put them on again, eventually. So we pile them on our bench. Which transforms the bench into an enormous winter coat monster, not suitable for sitting. Maybe you are thinking, "but there are only three of you, how can you have so many coats?" And I would say, "you would be shocked by the things I have found buried on that bench. Sweatshirts I'd given up for lost, stray mittens, Jay's hat that he accused me of stealing, clothes that the Robot has long since grown out of, and once, a moldy piece of challah bread in a plastic bag." The Winter Coat Box has given us back our bench.

Listen up, Pottery Barn: you could make a fortune by selling the yuppie urbanite version of this box to lazy people everywhere. When you do, all I ask is that you kick me down with a set of those choo-choo train toddler sheets, which I love, and which I am also too cheap to buy.


  1. wow--I would have never known those boxes were not from Pottery barn:)

  2. Great idea and a fun art project for the two of you.

  3. Roo, I would like to place an order for two winter boxes!

  4. Grub, are you sure you can afford my Custom Winter Box? They are not cheap. Maybe I will cut you a deal for your birthday...