Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hair Cut

Jay thinks Roan needs a haircut, because there is hair covering his ears. I disagree. His hair is perfect - why would we change it? Besides, Roan is descended from a long line of people with remarkably big ears. He's going to need the coverage.

But Jay is adamant about the haircut. He says, "I don't want my son looking like Oasis."

Right. I mean, who would want that for their child?

Jay says: "please don't tell me you want our son to have emo hair."

I say: "not exactly," because when Jay says emo he's thinking of this:

Clearly, this is a boy who has something to hide. Like his ears. He also looks like Shane from The L Word.

I say: "But our son is not getting a haircut like this:"

This man's ears are never bothered by his hair. But this small perk has cost him too far too much.

Just to put things in perspective, here is a close up of the Robot's contested hair:

Jay has threatened to cut it himself with our nail scissors. I have threatened to take the Robot and hitchhike to Argentina and not shower for weeks, until we both have dreadlocks. The argument escalates.

Roan seems to sense all the tension surrounding his hair. When he's eating he runs his fingers through his hair like he's savoring it:

He gives me a look that clearly says: "please don't let Daddy cut my hair."

So, Robo-blog readers, all 8 of you, we need your feedback. Jay and I can't resolve this issue on our own. Does Roan need a hair cut? Yes or no? Please comment.

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  1. NO haircut! But I am a hair lover anyway. It is not emo hair, it is rock star hair. the beatles? the rolling stones? and as long as people aren't putting spare change in your morning cup of coffee, you're okay, right?