Monday, May 18, 2009

When Babies Compete

Each baby has a toy.   They seem satisfied.

Kiran tries a sneak attack, but Roan sees it coming and moves his toy to safety

And they're off!
Chubby arms slap the floor

Mouths open in anticipation
They struggle for control...

Kiran wins this round, but Roan is plotting his coup

This was a watershed moment for Roan.  In the past, he's sat passively by while older babies who'd mastered the use of their opposable thumbs stole his toys.  He never got upset; he just watched them with something like admiration.  Literally, he took it laying down.  But this weekend he fought back.  We were proud.

If Kiran and Roan are half as competitive as their fathers, the rivalry has just begun.

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